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The Cetatuia Monastery is a monks religious place located on a hill in the South of Iasi, which church looks a lot with the more known Trei Ierarhi (Three Hierarchs) of the city.


The worship place has been founded by the Gheorghe Duca voievode, in the 17th Century .


At a first sight of the monastery you can see the grandiose tower, that lets you the impression that it is guardian of the place and that no one can pass through without its approval.


Around the place, there is a stone wall that offers to any viewer a strong impression of a medieval fortress, especially due to its sizes, being almost one and a half meter width and around seven meters height.


Since it has been built in 1670, the monastery became the refuge of more rulers of Moldavia and resisted the invaders assaults.


The church of the monastery with the patron the Apostles the Saint Peter and Paul is situated in the middle of this fortress. The particular worship place, very wanted by the believers that shall come to pray for them and for their families, has been dedicated in  1672, after it has been already painted and the religious objects found each one their own places.


Once arrived here you will be so impressed by the Gothic style windows. Also, the fact that the place is built in triconch plan and the two octagonal towers offer an unique image that can let you indifferent.



The eyes are attracted also by the Moldavian coat of arms, sculpted on the door tympanon, but also on the steeple. The last has been built on two levels, the steeple being on the second level. On the first level, the access is done on a stone staircase, and the second still on the staircase, but this is narrower. Near the steeple there is a support for a very old bell.



Continuing the visit in the ecclesiastic place, you arrive to the princely kitchen about which, certain authors alleged that, it was actually a rulers bathroom.


This building is small and coquette and the writer Alecu Russo has noticed it and wrote that it is a pity that such a masterpiece of architecture used to be a kitchen, no other more respectable destination was given to it.



In the South of the monastery you will find the building abbots and than on the road to North –East, there is a princely house of Gheorghe Duca, one level building, quite too simple for a  voievode.

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