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When you hear the name you are tempted to say that is just a church settlement, but it is a village in its own right, with quite many touristic sights, considering its modest dimensions.


Moreover, it is at less than 100 km from Bacau, namely at 69.6 km, a distance which can be travelled in less than an hour, if you have a proper acceleration, and only 16 km from Onesti, depending from what part of the country you travel.


But let’s start at the beginning, meaning the presentation of the place from where its name derived – the monastery. The religious place was built in 1655 by Gheorghe Stefan Voivode, following the detailed architectural plan of the Golia Church in Iasi.


The original church was surrounded by several royal houses and surrounded by high walls with towers grating a fortress aspect, besides having a defensive role.


The settlement suffered major damage during a strong earthquake in the early nineteenth century, being rebuilt at first by Ierotei Greek Abbot and then by the Abbot Isaiah of Constantinople.


In the Commune there is also the Heroes Cemetery, a place full of history, where each cross tells you a story. It is surrounded by a high stone fence, which still awaits the village children to climb on it, like a tired but happy grandfather waiting for the grandchildren’s visit.


Walking in the village is also a pleasure, everywhere you can admire gates painted in white, artistically and carefully executed of wood.


Within the monastery there is a tunnel, called the Tunnel of Stephen the Great, which, formerly, made the connection between the sanctuary and nearby hills. Unfortunately, presently it is clogged.


Finally, in order to make sure the tour is complete and you’d want to come back on these Moldavian lands, you should not miss the Royal Palace, a complex built by Stefan Gheorghita in the seventeenth century.

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