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Preoccupied by the duties and tasks we have, we often neglect the personal health. Therefore during holidays and vacations, we should rest and if necessary, we should  chose the medical tourism.


If you want to combine the useful with the pleasant, you should chose to spend a few days at Cacica, locality situated at about 40 kilometres from Suceava, near Solca, other local therapy resort.


The persons affected by rheumatism shall find the Salt Mine of Cacica quite a blessing, especially for the fact that the physicians warmly recommend the salt water baths.


In this locality, besides the Romanian people, there is also a community of Polish people, who came in this part of Bucovina during the Habsburg Domination  and after they discovered the salt deposits they opened a salt mine.


For many years, the natives worked in the mine from where they were extracting salt. Now, the mine has been closed, but the local authorities have opened a pool pumping water through the mine channels. The entrance fee is lei 15 and the salt water is good for your health.


You can also visit the more than 8,000 galleries of the salt mine which have been excavated during the years by the salt mine workers, than reinforced with wood. In one of these galleries, you shall discover the Saint Varvara Chapel, built by the Roman- Catholic people but also the Orthodox Chapel, which is situated at more than 30 meters depth.


Still in the salt mine you can admire a salt lake and a hall where before, the balls of the locality were organised.


Still at Cacica, if you go during summer time, when the Saint Mary is celebrated on 15th of August, you can participate to the celebration of the patron of the Roman Catholic Church of the locality. In such occasion thousands of believing pilgrims come along from all  the Romania and Europe to attend the service.


The Cathedral of Cacica has been called a national sanctuary, and in 200 the Pope John Paul II granted also the title of “Basilica Minor”. Here you can visit also the Orthodox Church or the Greek – Catholic Church.


You will find accommodation in many of the board and lodging places from here or you may find it also in the near by localities, such as Gura Humorului, Solca or Radauti.


Still from Cacica you will arrive very easy to the famous monasteries of Bucovina such as Moldovita, Gura Humorului, Voronet and others.

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