Bistriţei Defile



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The Bistritei Aurii Defile divides Bistritei Moutains into Neamt County, the whirling river finding its peace only in the Izvorul Muntelui (Mountain Spring) Reservoir.


Zugreni Keys or Bistrita Keys are the narrowest part of the Defile, crossing on a distance of 4 km the area between the Giumalau – Rarau Mountain Massifs and Bistrita Mountains. The valley wide up to 200 meters can be considered the most spectacular section of the Bistrita River course.


The area is protected by law, the protected area occupying nearly 160 hectares of land. Here a unique plant in the world can be found, Pietrosia Levitomentosa, discovered in the Zugreni Chalet area.


The walls are rising skyward reaching 300 meters. The keys are guarded by huge rocks with strange shapes and names to match. The visitor can admire with bated breath the Stanca Coifului (Helmet Rock), Piatra lui Osman (Osman’s Stone), Coltul Acrii (Acrii Corner), Grindul Puscatei.


Those who love extreme sensations can go rafting on the Bistrita River. In this area, the waters are swirling and the whirlpools are not absent, an unforgettable experience.

At one point, the Bistrita River forms an island in the middle of the restless waters. On this small piece of land we find the chalet with the same name or Zugreni chalet. The chalet can be reached by a wooden bridge, but there are also paid camping spots in the narrow valley.


Rafting and kayaking can be practiced in the area especially in spring, downstream from the power plant of Bistrita Bargaului Commune. When it processes the water from Colibita Reservoir the Bistrita river bed, all the way to Livezile Commune turns into an impetuous torrent.


The nautical tourism can be practiced on the Colibita Reservoir, but there are no well defined offers for the pleasure boating. There is also potential for swimming and windsurfing.


Rock climbing is another sport that can be practiced in the area, the mountain structure generating the appearance of spectacular routes, designed by enthusiasts, with various lengths and degrees of difficulty.


Not only nature offers a spectacle in this area, but also the architecture of wooden houses. Almost all doors and gates, even the fences are made ​​by very fine popular craftsmen who created wooden embroidery that can be envied by any slick fellow with concrete villa. Flowers, animals and geometric shapes – all can be found in different colours on the houses of these people in villages on the Bistrita Aurie (Golden Bistrita) Valley. The most famous town for the art of “taming” wood is Ciocanesti.


Besides, here the tourists can show their interest for Bucovina folk art which can be seen in fabrics and stitching, egg decoration, geometric clip art, folk costumes with beads embroidery and marten fur.


In the area there are many hostels, even four stars ones, but the best accommodation is with those who practice agro-tourism, where guests are always welcomed with a glass of plum brandy or wine, and the eyes are lured by polenta with cheese and fresh sour cream, smoked trout and forcemeat rolls in cabbage leaves.

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