Batca Doamnei Dacian Fortress

Piatra Neamt

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The Dacian Fortress of Batca Doamnei represents the oldest historic monument of Piatra Neamt City.


The fortress is located on a peak of the south-eastern side of the city, across Doamna (Lady) neighbourhood and hermitage. A few traces of the Dacian settlement are situated on the peak of a spur at over 450 meters high.


Although they are only the ruins of over 2,000 years old fortifications, a hiking to the “fortress” is accessible to any tourist and is worth to take at least for the landscapes that can be admired from the top of the hill.


The place where this fortress was built is a Northern fragment of the Doamnei (Lady’s) Mountain from where the walls expanded over the Bistrita River, such as a watch bastion.


The former fortress can be reached only from South (the water side is guarded by a gap), where a paved road takes you up to the foot of the mountain. Then you have to go on an improvised road that climbs up to the ruins.


At the Dacian Fortress of Batca Doamnei archaeological excavations were made several times and still have not been found all the traces left in the land by our ancestors, so the works keep on going.


Here is some history for you to understand the importance of these ruins, which may not be a delight for the eye, but it certainly feeds the thirst for knowledge.


At Batca Doamnei several human settlements existed over the millennia. They found evidence of human presence on these lands ever since the Neolithic era, Cucuteni phase. Then there are traces of Bronze Age settlements. But the most interesting is still the Dacian Fortress, although, after having been abandoned by them, there was another feudal settlement here in the Thirteenth and Fourteenth Centuries.


According to experts in this field, the Dacian Fortress of Batca Doamnei would have been Petrodava, a location by the Greek geographer Ptolemy. But some scientists do not agree on this.


When you reach the fortress you can notice a thick stone wall. It is part of the ancient Geto-Dacian citadel and surrounded the buildings within the “city”. Nowadays the southern wall is better preserved. Traces of a tower can be identified in a corner, which is suspected to have been used for defence.


The buildings inside the fortress had the foundation of stone and stood on beams.


The most important building is the sanctuary where offerings were brought to the Gods. It has elements of rock that resemble those of Dacian fortresses in Orastie Mountains.


It’s worth to take a look from above, from atop Batca Doamnei, where a wonderful view opens up: the Piatra Neamt City and Reservoir, Bistrita Monastery and magnificent mountain peaks all around, and imagine what life was like there during Burebista and Decebalus reigns.

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