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If you are not from around the area, it is unlikely to have heard about Balatau Lake. It is a pity because the nature has created a few natural beauties, so wild and unknown such as this natural barrage lake in Bacau County.


Part of the Natural Reservation of Nemira Mountains, close to Slanic Moldavia, Balatau Lake seems to have been made to be kept hidden from the viewers eyes, given that it was only formed in 1883 following a landslip which blocked the Izvorul Negru River. That is why it is hard to reach.


The easiest way to get there from Iasi-Popricani road or towards Darmanesti, is on the County Road 123. On this road after about one kilometre there is a trail which, after passing by Uz Barrage and over the Izvorul Negru River, takes you to an old forestry road leading to Balatau Lake.


The whole walk up there is worth however. Without a doubt! The first thing that catches your eyes is the way the woods and the surrounding heights reflect in the lake water. Especially in autumn, the rusty colour of the forest reproduced by water catches your eyes. If it is doubled by that bloody sunset, you get goose bumps. Many years ago, the nearly five hectares of water have become especially popular among fishermen, who consider it one of the best carp ponds or predatory fish ponds in the area.


The Balatau Lake, with its depth of three meters, is cold, but not as cold as Izvorul Negru (Black Spring), which it feeds. If you go upstream on it, you can see what that piece of water was able to do with the surrounding nature. You can even see a waterfall above the lake, terraces and steps on which the brook water flows and plenty of small rocks. And dense too.


In fact, dense and tangled seem to be the words that are mostly related to the area near the lake and up the creek. Dense and tangled, but not in the tedious sense of the word. No! In that sense that gives you the impression of untouched nature. A wild one.


That’s exactly what it is all about. Balatau Lake is a special place because it’s a place of escape, in the true meaning of the word. It is not a place to see a different world, but a place where to get rid of it.


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