Bacău I, II

Bacau I, II

Lakes and barrages

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Bacau City, gray and bleak, has nothing to offer to the tourist eager for nature, unless he/she knows about the necklace of lakes nearby the city crowdedness. Bacau Lakes I and II are a paradox, being protected wild areas located close to a county capital.


Not even the inhabitants of Bacau, if asked about these lakes cannot direct you towards them. If you are accommodated downtown and you want to know about the entertainment possibilities, you risk not to be told anything; for example, about the thousands of birds inhabiting those two surfaces of water.


In the first place, the two lakes are a paradise for fishermen. With a little effort, you can catch the goldfish, perch, carp, pike, perch or common rudd(Scardinius erythropthalmus).


Bacau Lake II is situated on the course of Bistrita River and covers 200 hectares.


This is considered a protected natural area, in the custody of the Regional Centre of Ecology (CRE). In 2006 it was included in the Nature 2000 site.


The lakes shores are a great opportunity to spend your Saturday, for example admiring the spectacle of nature performed by ​​hundreds of species of animals, reptiles and birds. The birds are especially impressive. According to those who take care of these lakes, 147 species of birds stop here throughout the year, while 22 varieties of fish live in water.


It is an ideal area for bird-watching because there can be observed wild birds of rare species in Europe.

Bacau II is full of islands and reed toward the lake bottom. Large or small birds of various colours find shelter here.

Especially during the winter thousands of large ducks, coot and hundreds of swans come here.


In the area of the lake from Serbanesti District, as well as in the access area of the Chain Bridge – Calea Moldovei (Route of Moldavia) the birds feed right near the banks, the clear atmosphere allowing in this way the observation in detail of these creatures.


The only request from the visitors is to keep quiet in order to avoid scaring the birds away, not to get very close to them and, of course, to keep the banks of the lake clean.


In addition to fishing and bird-watching, in the Bacau Lakes area one can practice riding, biking, boating, tourist orientation competitions.


Unfortunately, in the spring of 2011, the Bacau Lake II was partially drained due to the performance of works on the banks.

Hidroelectrica Company, the one that owns the lake, needs to update its waterproofing systems and the walls of the running channel. If these works are not done, there would be a danger of water infiltration and flooding of the Serbanesti District, the officials of Siret Water Reservoirs Administration say.


The Lake is not left completely without water, but the impact on birds and fish species was bad.

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