An area with a rich culture, due to the monuments that can be found here, but also the specific values, the North East region of Romania, reunites every year, events with tradition which attract many tourists, from Romania but also from abroad.

The county of Iasi

Every year, in the county of Iasi, cultural events take place suggesting to the inhabitants but also to the tourists, a periplus of traditions and customs. But the feasts do not end here, the events addressing also to the ones interested in amusement and good humour in the contemporaneous variant.

Here are some of the annual events that took place in the city of Iasi:

  • The Lilac Festival;
  • The Beer Festival;
  • Fete de la musique, the French Cultural Centre;
  • The Artisans Fair;
  • The „Catalina” International Folklore Festival;
  • „Cucuteni 5000”, national fair of folkloric ceramics;
  • The Autumns Celebrations;
  • The Sleepless night of the Romanian Movie;
  • Iasi Festival;
  • The International Festival of Winter Customs „Din timpuri stravechi”(From ancient times);
  • The Fair of Christmas Presents.

The county of Suceava

Every year, the Suceava county, a place with a rich tradition, proposes festivals and celebrations emphasizing the beauty of the customs and encourages their preservation. In many localities, traditional events are organised, such as:

  • The Festival of Painted Eggs, Ciocanesti;
  • The Festival „Flori de pe Dorna”(Dorna Flowers), Poiana Stampei;
  • The National Trout Festival, Ciocanesti;
  • The Festival of Penny Bun, Vama;
  •  „Arbore”(Tree), the folklore festival of the acacia;
  • „Intalniri bucovinene”, (Bucovina’s Meetings) festival of folkloric traditions, Campulung Moldovenesc;
  • „Hora de la Prislop”, folkloric festival of the region Maramures-Bucovina, Prislop Pass;
  • The Lasso Festival,  Fundul Moldovei;
  • Autumn of Poienari, Poiana Stampei.

The County of Botosani

Also in the localities of the county of Botosani festivals and traditional celebrations keeping alive the specific customs are organised, such as:

  • The Festival of the Ethnic Communities of Romania, Botosani;
  • The Woods Feast, Vorona;
  • The Romanian Round Dance of Flamanzi, inter-county folklore festival, Flamanzi.

The County of Bacau

The events marking certain moments during the year, under the form of festivals and celebrations, take place also in the county of Bacau:

  • Sanziene (Fairies) Festival, Bacau;
  • Celebration of Oituz – Santilia, folkloric festival, Poiana Sarata;
  • The Festival of Winter Customs, Bacau;

The County of Neamt

Regardless the season, the inhabitants of the Neamt county have the opportunity to party in festivals with a ancient tradition, which emphasise the specific of the customs in the region. Here are some important events during the year in the Neamt county:

  • The International Theatre Festival, Piatra Neamt;
  • The Bear Festival, Piatra Neamt;
  • The Fair of Traditional Products, Piatra Neamt;
  • The Festival of Winter Customs, Piatra Neamt.

The County of Vaslui

The Vaslui inhabitants delight themselves every year with festivals and traditional celebrations reminding of customs from ancient times („Hora din strabuni”), but also with present cultural events (The „Constantin Tanase” International Humour Festival):

  • „Flori pe Prut”, international folklore festival, Vetrisoara;
  • International folklore festival, Vaslui;
  • The „Constantin Tanase” International Humour Festival, Vaslui;
  • The Festival of the villages from the Valea Racovei, picnic in which musicians, popular music singers, from the localities Laza, Poienesti, Ivanesti, Pungesti and Garceni participate;
  • Hora din strabuni,(Ancestor’s Romanian Round Dance) traditional dance folkloric festival, Padureni;
  • Fluierasul vasluian(the little whistle of Vaslui), festival of popular music performance at traditional wind instruments , Stefan cel Mare.