Winter traditions: Chasing away Evil Spirits

The horse chase away the evil spirits. In the South regions, especially of Bucovina, in the New Year’s Eve we can see the small horse dance. The professor Mihai Camilar, from the Ethnographic Museum of Gura Humorului, tells us: “In Bucovina, the small horse appears in separate troops, by small horses or “caiuti” or mixed with other animals. The most beautiful customs related to the small horses can be found in Zvoristea, Dolhesti and Fintinele. The signification is the same: of defence of the human, house, from the evil spirits. The horse is the animal that chases away the evil spirits. In the houses of Bucovina, on the edge of the beams, horse heads are sculptured because they case away the evil spirits. The profile of the horse head is adorned with ribbons, mirrors, natural or artificial flowers, an exuberance of colours, an explosion of joy. Source: