The National Festival of Painted Eggs of Ciocăneşti

The festival takes place during the period March 4, 2011 – March 6, 2011.

The National Festival of Painted Eggs of Ciocanesti (county of  Suceava) takes place every year in the month of March, before the beginning of the Easter Fasting. The popular models from the holiday costumes or from the inhabitants houses can be now found also on the eggs(which become an object of popular art which can be admired in the windows shops or can be offered as souvenir to the tourists). On this event, both popular artisans from all the country and tourists in love with the traditions and customs of this region gather together. At this festival contests of painting eggs, music shows and popular fanfares and also parades of  popular costumes are being organised. The National Festival of Painted Eggs, which in 2011 shall reach the 8th edition is part of a complex tourist program, called also “Easter in Bucovina”. The art of  eggs painting is a beautiful Bucovina’s occupation conserved and transmitted from generation to generation.