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Wisent Reservation of Vânători


The Wisent is an impressive animal due to its grandeur, more likely worthy of a carnivore, that in the past you could see it everywhere and for a while it was even on the coat of arms of the Moldavia [...]

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Codrii de Aramă Reservation (Copper Forest Reservation)

Codrii de Arama

We all remember the cooper woods and the roundelay of the silver forest of the Eminescu poetry. Well, this place exists and is situated in the Neamt county.   We are talking about the “Codrii de arama” Forest Reservation of [...]

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Runc-Racova Reservation


The Runc Secular Forest near the commune of Racova of Bacau county is a natural reservation where you can see quite an impressive 150 years old beech forest. The trees have fabulous width and heights, being unique in Romania.   [...]

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Ineu-Lala Reservation


The Ineu – Lala joint Reservation is part of Rodnei Mountains National Park; it spreads over 2,500 hectares and presents a glacial relief formed of shale, glacial circus, glacial valleys and moraines.   The cascades and glacial lakes are completed [...]

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Bosanci Floristic Reservation


If you are passionate  about Botany, you like rare flowers and  generally you consider that the plants are not wasting your time, the ideal place for a vacation is the „Fâneţele seculare de la Ponoare”  Floristic Reservation (Secular Hays of [...]

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