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Palatul Cnejilor (The Princes Palace)

Palatul Cnejilor

Palatul Cnejilor(The Princes Palace) of the Neamt county, historical monument situated at the foot of the Ceahlau massif, is going through an unfavourable period, being only a ruin on which  the weeds are freely growing and the households of the [...]

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The Măgura Ocnei Monastery

Magura Ocnei

The Magura Ocnei Monastery is situated in the town of Targu Ocna, of the county of Bacau.   The nuns monastery having as patron the Ascension, had an eventful history, but less known.   During the time, here there were [...]

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The Galata Monastery

Manastirea Galata

If you are among the Romanian persons who planned that in this life they should visit the famous monasteries of Moldavia and Bucovina, than you must put the Galata Monastery of Iasi on your list.   If the name of [...]

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The Pătrăuţi Church


The Bucovina church, Patrauti “Sfanta Cruce”(Holy Cross) represents a real clerical jewel. With warm architectonic and perfectly harmonised forms, the edifice is located on the bank of the river which has, from ancient times, a name of a girl – [...]

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The Church of Arbore


Bucovina is,  beyond all doubt, a piece of Heaven, especially thanks to its chain of monasteries and churches. For the believers who, for a few moments, want to collect their own thoughts and to be closed to God, the Church [...]

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The Sf. Ioan cel Nou Monastery

Ioan cel Nou

The monasteries situated in the North East of the country are well known for their beauty and for the special feelings they inspire. It is also the case of the Saint John the New Monastery of Suceava.   It has [...]

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Sihastria Voronei Skete


Besides the natural landscapes that can make you forget about everything, in the county of Botosani there are also particular religious place dedicated to satisfy the needs of spirituality. The Sihastria Voronei Skete, as it is known since its beginnings, [...]

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Golia Monastery


The Golia Monastery for the Targu Cucu region of Iasi offers to the viewer the image of a medieval citadel. The wall of the ecclesiastic settlement is high letting the impression that nothing could pass through. The towers built in [...]

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The Frumoasa Monastery


The Frumoasa Monastery of Iasi erects gloriously on a hill in the plain of Bahiul. The place of worship dedicated for nuns is attested for the first time in the 16th century, the first church being a foundation of the [...]

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The Cetăţuia Monastery


The Cetatuia Monastery is a monks religious place located on a hill in the South of Iasi, which church looks a lot with the more known Trei Ierarhi (Three Hierarchs) of the city.   The worship place has been founded [...]

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