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Agafton Monastery


The space where Agafton Monastery is situated seems taken from a fairy-tale, especially if you visit in summer. Located atop a wooded hill, the whole yard is full of colourful flowers where thousands of cheerful bugs buzzing keep busy.   [...]

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Slătioara Monastery


For those who want to feel a little closer to divinity, Slatioara Monastery is the ideal place.   Not only the scenery where it is located makes you think you are on a piece of Heaven, but also the history [...]

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Caşin Monastery


When you hear the name you are tempted to say that is just a church settlement, but it is a village in its own right, with quite many touristic sights, considering its modest dimensions.   Moreover, it is at less [...]

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Buhalniţa Monastery


Many of the holy places located on the homeland hills have a troubled history; however the history of Buhalnita Monastery seems to be on top of such classification.   In order to learn its story you must go 50 kilometres [...]

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Vorona Monastery


Maybe you are not so pious, but what is done by the human hand with such a beauty, always fascinates. I seek to believe that this is quite a wonder: a beauty made by the human, out of pure love [...]

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Probota Monastery


Less known for the “uninitiated” ones, Probota Monastery completes the list of Bucovina jewelry and it is the religious place where Stefan cel Mare’s (Stephen the Great) mother was laid to sleep for eternity.   The Probota Monastery was also [...]

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The Scheia Fortress


Up, on the hill of Septilici, there is the West Fortress of Suceava, also known as the Scheia Fortress. Strategically located at 80 meters height from the Lunca Sucevei (Waterside of Suceava), the ruins offer a fantastic panorama on the [...]

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The Castle of the Ştirbei Family


Hidden on the top of a hill, at an altitude of 600 meters, sheltered by a leaf and conifer wood, the Stirbei Palace of Darmanesti, the county of Bacau, does not disclose itself to the indifferent traveller, needing a little [...]

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The Dacian Fortresses of Stancesti

Cetăţile dacice de la Stănceşti

If you arrive in Moldavia, you should absolutely visit also the two Dacian Fortresses of Stancesti, the place where you shall meet a part of the past of the Romanian people, the customs and traditions of our ancestors.   Discovered [...]

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The Princely Court and Church of Piatra Neamţ

Curtea şi Biserica Domneasca din Piatra Neamţ

The Princely Court and Church of Piatra Neamţ are vestiges of the medieval life of this town, being built during the long ruling years of Stefan cel Mare (Stephen the Great).   The whole structure contains the princely court, the [...]

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