The Dimitrie Ghika Museum of Ethnography

Dimitrie Ghika

The Ghika Palace of Comanesti, Bacau county has been built at the end of the 19th century, being the creation of Albert Galleron, an exceptional architect who also designed the Athenaeum of Bucharest.   It is situated in the middle [...]

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Agafton Monastery


The space where Agafton Monastery is situated seems taken from a fairy-tale, especially if you visit in summer. Located atop a wooded hill, the whole yard is full of colourful flowers where thousands of cheerful bugs buzzing keep busy.   [...]

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Izvorul Muntelui (Bicaz)

Izvorul Muntelui

If you like endless surfaces of water, you need to see “the Bicaz Sea”, the Izvorul Muntelui Lake, also known as Bicaz Lake. It is the largest artificial lake of Romania and the most beautiful among the entire necklace of [...]

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If you are in Bacau County and you like nature, you should not miss the lakes there and especially you should not miss the Garleni Reservoir. The reasons why? There are plenty, but let’s enumerate them briefly. White swans, black [...]

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Saline Mine

Saline Mine

The Saline Mine is situated in the heart of Moldavia, on the Trotus Valley, in Bacau County. The saline is close to Targu Ocna and you can go there on DN12A National Road.   Although continues to produce salt, the [...]

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Batca Doamnei Dacian Fortress


The Dacian Fortress of Batca Doamnei represents the oldest historic monument of Piatra Neamt City.   The fortress is located on a peak of the south-eastern side of the city, across Doamna (Lady) neighbourhood and hermitage. A few traces of [...]

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Slătioara Monastery


For those who want to feel a little closer to divinity, Slatioara Monastery is the ideal place.   Not only the scenery where it is located makes you think you are on a piece of Heaven, but also the history [...]

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Prisaca Dornei (the largest trout farm in the country)

Prisaca Dornei

Prisaca Dornei trout fish farm is one of the largest in our country and it was arranged at 12 kilometres from Campulung Moldovenesc, in Suceava County. Prisaca Dornei belongs to Vama Commune in Suceava County.   Bucovina is the heaven [...]

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Caşin Monastery


When you hear the name you are tempted to say that is just a church settlement, but it is a village in its own right, with quite many touristic sights, considering its modest dimensions.   Moreover, it is at less [...]

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Poiana Negri


Poiana Negri is a place mostly known for its mineral waters, but it is also a splendid place for mountain tourism.   The village is located six kilometres from Dorna Candrenilor Commune, on the European road linking Vatra Dornei to [...]

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