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Uzului Valley


Uzului Valley is considered one of the most beautiful tourist areas in Bacau County belonging to Darmanesti town, but according to those who dared to traverse it, by foot or by car, it is in decay for many years because [...]

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Bistriţei Defile


The Bistritei Aurii Defile divides Bistritei Moutains into Neamt County, the whirling river finding its peace only in the Izvorul Muntelui (Mountain Spring) Reservoir.   Zugreni Keys or Bistrita Keys are the narrowest part of the Defile, crossing on a [...]

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Duruitoarea Waterfall


If Prahoveu Valley has Urlatoarea, the Ceahlau Massif has Duruitoarea Waterfall.   As their name suggests, they are two waterfalls absolutely impressive due to the noise they produce – you can hardly get along verbally at the foot of any [...]

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Tarcăului Valley


Tarcăului Valley is a good weekend destination in Neamt County, a good place for sunbathing, fishing, hiking, with a still insufficiently known potential, despite the beauty of the place and the purity of the air.   The Tarcau Commune is [...]

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Mestecăniş Pass


Mestecanis Pass, on DN17, in Suceava County, is situated in the south-eastern part of Obcina Mestecanis Mountain, at an altitude of 1096 m.   The Obcinele Bucovinei Mountains, as the entire area is called, represents more parallel mountainous crests that [...]

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Poiana Teiului

Poiana Teiului

Poiana Teiului Commune is a typical mountain settlement located in the north-western of Neamt County, on the lower course of Bistrita River. The town boasts for having received the European village indicator.   DN 15 B follows the course of [...]

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