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Toşorog Cave


Situated in the North East of the Hasmas Mountains, at about 28 kilometres from town of Bicaz, on the territory of the commune Bicazu-Ardelean, the Tosorog Cave is the ideal destination if you are passionate about speleology.   Situated at [...]

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The Lady’s Stones

Pietrele Doamnei

The “Pietrele Doamnei” natural reservation, one of the most interesting geological formations of the Western Carpathians, represents the perfect destination for those seeking for relaxation.   Unique from a landscape perspective, the natural reservation belongs to the Rarau massif, Suceava [...]

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Keys of Sugau


Do you want to get away from the daily agitation and to spend a few days in the middle of the wild nature? Nothing more simple. You can go to the Keys of Sugau Reservation, a natural exceptional sit, belonging [...]

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Munticelu Cave


The Munticelu Cave is located in the Neamt county on the left side of the Bicaz Valley, in the Surduc-Munticelu Massif (at the North edge of the Hasmas Mountains).   The cave belongs to the commune of Bicazu Ardelean and [...]

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Bicaz Keys


Gorgeous winding roads outlined in the mountains limestone, rocky massifs of an overwhelming beauty, absolutely splendid caves, hidden between the limestone walls of the rocks, streams with clear cold water, special flora and fauna. In a word, a dream landscape. [...]

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Piatra Ţibăului Geological Reservation


The Piatra Tibaului Geological Reservation is situated in the commune of Carlibaba, of Suceava, at the confluence of the stream of Tibau with Bistrita.   What is all about and what we actually protect? Sounds strange, but a huge rock [...]

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