The Castle of the Ştirbei Family

Hidden on the top of a hill, at an altitude of 600 meters, sheltered by a leaf and conifer wood, the Stirbei Palace of Darmanesti, the county of Bacau, does not disclose itself to the indifferent traveller, needing a little [...]

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Duruitoarea Waterfall

If Prahoveu Valley has Urlatoarea, the Ceahlau Massif has Duruitoarea Waterfall.   As their name suggests, they are two waterfalls absolutely impressive due to the noise they produce – you can hardly get along verbally at the foot of any [...]

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The Memorial House of Nicolae Iorga

To understand the life and the opera of Nicolae Iorga you have to visit the two institutions keeping the memory of the person who has meant a lot for the Romanian culture: the memorial house of Botosani and the museum [...]

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Magura Ocnei

The Măgura Ocnei Monastery

The Magura Ocnei Monastery is situated in the town of Targu Ocna, of the county of Bacau.   The nuns monastery having as patron the Ascension, had an eventful history, but less known.   During the time, here there were [...]

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The Church of Arbore

Bucovina is,  beyond all doubt, a piece of Heaven, especially thanks to its chain of monasteries and churches. For the believers who, for a few moments, want to collect their own thoughts and to be closed to God, the Church [...]

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The general objective of the project is the promotion with national impact of the tourist potential of the products less known specific to the North-East Region, increase of the tourist attractiveness of the North-East Region, of the tourist offer and investments, providing the information basis necessary for the attraction an orientation of tourists.
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Tourist destinations Map from North-East of Romania:
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