Probota Monastery

Less known for the “uninitiated” ones, Probota Monastery completes the list of Bucovina jewelry and it is the religious place where Stefan cel Mare’s (Stephen the Great) mother was laid to sleep for eternity.   The Probota Monastery was also [...]

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Vama (ethnographic centre)

A part of the life of the ancestors and the way in which they expressed the artistic feelings can be discovered in the Vama commune of Suceava.   Who shall enter this locality, of Suceava county, shall have the occasion [...]

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Ioan cel Nou

The Sf. Ioan cel Nou Monastery

The monasteries situated in the North East of the country are well known for their beauty and for the special feelings they inspire. It is also the case of the Saint John the New Monastery of Suceava.   It has [...]

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Wisent Reservation of Vânători

The Wisent is an impressive animal due to its grandeur, more likely worthy of a carnivore, that in the past you could see it everywhere and for a while it was even on the coat of arms of the Moldavia [...]

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Agafton Monastery

The space where Agafton Monastery is situated seems taken from a fairy-tale, especially if you visit in summer. Located atop a wooded hill, the whole yard is full of colourful flowers where thousands of cheerful bugs buzzing keep busy.   [...]

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The general objective of the project is the promotion with national impact of the tourist potential of the products less known specific to the North-East Region, increase of the tourist attractiveness of the North-East Region, of the tourist offer and investments, providing the information basis necessary for the attraction an orientation of tourists.
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Tourist destinations Map from North-East of Romania:
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