The Oglinzi Resort

The Oglinzi Resort of the Neamt county has more than a century old history, is known especially for its baths with mineral waters and administratively belongs to the town of Targu Neamt, being situated at only three kilometres North from [...]

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Agafton Monastery

The space where Agafton Monastery is situated seems taken from a fairy-tale, especially if you visit in summer. Located atop a wooded hill, the whole yard is full of colourful flowers where thousands of cheerful bugs buzzing keep busy.   [...]

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The Memorial House of Mihail Sadoveanu

It has been called the “villa with squared turret” from reasons that can be easily noticed: the villa of Copou where the well known Romanian writer, Mihail Sadoveanu has lived but where may personalities of the Romanian culture passed – [...]

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The Memorial House of Nicolae Iorga

To understand the life and the opera of Nicolae Iorga you have to visit the two institutions keeping the memory of the person who has meant a lot for the Romanian culture: the memorial house of Botosani and the museum [...]

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The Memorial House of Calistrat Hogaş

In Piatra Neamt, on a quiet and shady street, for more than a century, there is the house in which the great teller Calistrat Hogas has lived and created. The street on which there is the writer’s house, has his [...]

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The general objective of the project is the promotion with national impact of the tourist potential of the products less known specific to the North-East Region, increase of the tourist attractiveness of the North-East Region, of the tourist offer and investments, providing the information basis necessary for the attraction an orientation of tourists.
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Tourist destinations Map from North-East of Romania:
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