Fundu Moldovei

Fundu Moldovei (centre)

Who is looking for the ideal place for relax, therapy with mountain air or peculiar culinary goodness that you can rarely find in other places in Romania, has to choose the commune of Fundu Moldovei, of Suceava county.   The [...]

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Ioan cel Nou

The Sf. Ioan cel Nou Monastery

The monasteries situated in the North East of the country are well known for their beauty and for the special feelings they inspire. It is also the case of the Saint John the New Monastery of Suceava.   It has [...]

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The Oglinzi Resort

The Oglinzi Resort of the Neamt county has more than a century old history, is known especially for its baths with mineral waters and administratively belongs to the town of Targu Neamt, being situated at only three kilometres North from [...]

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Bosanci Floristic Reservation

If you are passionate  about Botany, you like rare flowers and  generally you consider that the plants are not wasting your time, the ideal place for a vacation is the „Fâneţele seculare de la Ponoare”  Floristic Reservation (Secular Hays of [...]

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Bistriţei Defile

The Bistritei Aurii Defile divides Bistritei Moutains into Neamt County, the whirling river finding its peace only in the Izvorul Muntelui (Mountain Spring) Reservoir.   Zugreni Keys or Bistrita Keys are the narrowest part of the Defile, crossing on a [...]

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The general objective of the project is the promotion with national impact of the tourist potential of the products less known specific to the North-East Region, increase of the tourist attractiveness of the North-East Region, of the tourist offer and investments, providing the information basis necessary for the attraction an orientation of tourists.
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